Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31, 2013, No news is good news...

Waiting is the hardest part; our rep did warn me lol. We got more mail, copies of the addendum contract pages with the costs for our flooring etc.  I added them to the now full binder of house papers. Nothing else has changed. We are waiting on the underwriting and construction permits to be pulled. Meanwhile I drove past our lot and the neighbor's house has started construction. Their foundation is already poured.. soon that will be me!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

We finsihed with our downpayment July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013
Well today was the day to put the last of the 5% down payment on the house so we visited the model and wrote a check. We are still waiting on the loan approval  / underwriting to finish but we have been assured that everything looks great with the application and that NVR may take time to finish the paperwork. Our rep. went over the upcoming timeline with us and if all goes well our home will be complete in December.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Second verse same as the first!" July 15th 2013

July 15th 2013

Well surprize I got held up over the weekend but drove out to NVR today. all the paper work is in order ( again) They assure me it should be an easy process from here with underwriting being able to start directly (again). I smiled and thanked him for doing all he could and asked him to please let me know if anything changes. We verified the email addresses again and I left. As I type this I can not help but here the old song in my head...  "I'm Henry the eighth I am, Henry the Eighth, I am, I am .... second verse same as the first! I'm Henry the Eighth I am .... "

NVR called - July 12th 2013

July 12th 2013 

NVR called, apparently they had been trying to contact me. I didn't receive the voice mail until today. They had emailed me but had misspelled my email address. I do not blame the messenger. He is actually a very nice guy and tries hard to work with us. NVR needs more paper work. They need explanations for every deposit put in our account even the small ones (kid’s birthday money etc.) This is more annoying than it is problematic. I am a very organized person and would have been happy to detail all of those the first time I took paper work to the office if they simply would have let me know it would be needed. None the less I am off to gather more copies. I am assured the underwriting will be underway as soon as it’s all turned in. ( This is sounding a little repetitive but I have done enough research to know that this process is time consuming. They will continue to want bank statements through the entire process (This is above the initial request for 2 months of bank statements) I am assured they do this with everyone. I wouldn’t really mind at all if I could simply take them to the model but here we need to go to the NVR office which is a 35 minute drive on a good day. Thank heavens for in car ipod connections and air conditioning!

Final Choices, " No takesies backsies!" - July 11th 2013 (Pictures)

July 11th 2013
Just got back from making our final choices for the exterior of the home. When choosing colors for the exteriors you do have some restrictions in our subdivision based on the colors you immediate neighbors chose (You cannot have identical colors). Ryan also has color groups preselected based on your primary color choice and you get to choose between those color groups. We decided on the following. 

  • ·         Naples Elevation C
  • ·         Almond Trim
  • ·         Wicker Ply Gem Vinyl Siding
  • ·         Marooned Door
  • ·         Dark Berry Shutters
  • ·         Autumn field Stone

We signed the final choice paper work today as well which means we cannot go back and change anything. The numbers are in and we were told that we will be able to roll some closing costs in at the end as well which will free up some cash for Christmas and taxes. This was a pleasant surprise and blessing.  We are now waiting on the loan approval and our lot is unchanged still comfortably snuggled in its tube sock.

Wicker Ply Gem Vinyl Siding

Marooned Door
Dark Berry Shutters 
Wicker Ply Gem Vinyl Siding
Almond Trim
Autumn field Stone

Wicker siding next to the Autumn field stone